Free Scotch Tasting at Terminal City Club - Raise the Macallan

Free Scotch Tasting at Terminal City Club

whisky bottles from the macallan

Scotch is good. Free Scotch is better. Free Scotch that regularly costs up to $300 a bottle? Well, that’s sublime enough to make you feel like you’re on the rivers of Babylon. Helping you get there is Raise the Macallan, a free premium whisky tasting event taking place on January 21st at Terminal City Club.

And you’re invited.

At the event, you’ll attend one of three hour-long tasting sessions, where you’ll be introduced to a new range of whiskies from one of the most admired and awarded whisky makers in the business – The Macallan.

Recently introduced to Canada, The Macallan 1824 Series of single malt whiskies is 100 per cent matured in sherry oak casks from Spain (the most expensive in the industry), with each whisky in the Series able to serve a unique purpose, such as Gold for that perfect summer afternoon, Ruby for that cold winters night, or Amber for that rainy fall morning when you’d rather watch Power Rangers’ reruns than face the day.

While you’ll spend the evening tasting hints of orange, lemon citrus notes, nutmeg and vanilla, the unmistakable finish of single malt Scotch will remind you that even though you may be enjoying whiffs of fruit and baking spices, you’re still a man. This is high end whisky after all and did we mention it is free?

Even Nucky Thompson couldn’t make you that promise.

Space is limited so sign up now on their Eventbrite page