Hot Women of the 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi's Sexiest Curlers

Hot Women of the 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi’s Sexiest Curlers

hottest women curlers at the 2014 sochi olympics

Curling: not the first Olympic sport to come to mind when you think of athletes in peak physical condition. In fact, it’s probably not even the 10th.

But you should be glad this weird ice bowling business is in the Olympics for 3 reasons: First, Canada is great at it. Second and third, the Russian and British women’s curling teams.

These two teams are composed of some of the sexiest athletes in the games (and their sport doesn’t even involve choreographed ice dancing). Couple that with the fact that they all are expert sweepers and specialize in getting your rocks off (the sheet of ice) and you shouldn’t need any other reason to set your PVRs. When you do, just remember that yelling HARDER is a crucial part of the game of curling.

Enter the Russians. Recently quoted as being unabashedly sexy they are first on our list.

Alexandra Saitova

alexandra saitova curling at sochi olympics

Alexandra-Saitvoa modelling

With Alexandra posing here with a disco ball and a classic stage mic, you know she likes to party. She’s the Second for the Russian team but first in the looks department. How do you say harder in Russian again?

Anna Sidorova

anna sidorova curling

anna sidorova modelling

Anna might be the Skip (captain) of the Russian team but you certainly shouldn’t skip her for anything. The youngest Skip at the 2014 Sochi Games, this girl has talent and the body to match.

Ekaterina Galkina

Ekaterina Galkina curling

Ekaterina-Galkina Maxim photoshoot

If you can ever figure out how to pronounce this girls name, Ekaterina is well worth chatting up. With a European Championship under her belt, a degree in International Relations and a full feature in Maxim Russia this girl is the total package. She is the Lead for the Russian team.

While the Russians clearly have the sexiest team on ice, the British are not fairing too poorly themselves. Watch out for these sexy curlers from Great Britain:

Anna Sloan

Anna Sloan curling - sochi olympics


Scottish. 23 years old. Laughs a lot. Trains a lot. Curls a lot. And currently plays Third for the Great Britain team.

Eve Muirhead

Eve Muirhead curling - sochi olympic games

eve muirhead looking hot

Also Scottish. Also 23. Accomplished on the bagpipes and the second youngest skip in the games next to Anna Sidorova.

Story by @kevankevan and @effecks