Paul Walker & James Dean: A Deadly Comparison

Paul Walker & James Dean: A Deadly Comparison

James Dean in Porsche

James Dean is one of my favourite actors. He lived fast and died fast.

When Paul Walker died recently in a Porsche, I couldn’t help but instantly think of the similarities between his and Deans’ fate.

Both died with a passenger in a rare, exotic and high performance Porsche (James a Porsche 550 Spyder and Paul a Porsche Carrera GT) and – I’ll spare the fine details, but both deaths were of the most intense variety – James was nearly decapitated and Paul died from traumatic and thermal injuries. Even at their moment of death, they embodied the morbidity and graphicness Hollywood craves.

Having said that, they were both studs; actors living in the highest plateau of their career. Young (James was 24, Paul 40), attractive, popular, loved, respected and admired. They both had a passion for cars, both called ‘gearheads’ by lovers, friends and family. And this is where the coincidences get stranger.

James Dean in his Porsche 550 Spyder

It’s now been almost a week since Paul’s death (at the time of writing), and while I instantly felt the urge to throw in Fast and the Furious, I digressed. It took me a couple days, but when I decided to watch something to honour Paul, I typed his name in to Netflix and Takers came up. A polished, high-end-heist film with A-list hiphop talent and the blue-eyed-half-black-droid-cop from Almost Human. So, I throw it on.

If you haven’t seen Takers – and I suggest you watch it – warning, spoiler alert…..

Almost instantly, I get goosebumps. At the end of the first scene, when the ‘crew’ destroys the helicopter and go to their character-relevant vehicles, Paul’s character begins walking to an almost identical Porsche to the one James died in. Ironic? Perhaps. But I’m almost positive that being the gearhad and Porsche fan he clearly is was, Paul had a say in the car selection. IMO, when he was asked to pick a car for his character, he instinctively (or purposely) picked a car similar to the one James passed in. After all, Paul’s character in the movie is practically a reincarnation of the persona that James embodied.

Paul Walker in Takers

While I’m not sure Paul Walker will ever have the cult-like following that James did, he will forever be remembered as a guy that Lived fast and Died fast. RIP Paul Walker, never slow down.

Paul Walker in Fast & the Furious

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