Lipservice Lip Sync Battle at The Imperial on Main Street

Lipservice Lip Sync Battle

Lip Service Lipsync Charity Event Vancouver

Grab your fake moustache and practice your best bohemian rhapsody cause it’s time for Lipservice, a lip sync competition at Imperial Vancouver on March 29th.

A charity lip sync competition that pits you against other lipsyncers, Lipservice is a Jimmy Fallon-esque lip sync battle that is sure to be one of the funniest nights you’ve had in a long time (at least, with pants on). With the funds going to local charity, imagine1day, you’re not only going to laugh your ass off (or have other people laugh their ass off at you), but also support education in Ethiopia while doing so. A noble reason to embarrass yourself, if we’ve ever heard one.

There’s no entry fee to compete, but there is a fundraising requirement for single or team performers, all based on how big your team is. There are a few prizes too, though the best prize of all is forcing your friends and family to watch you perform on stage as you fake-belt “We are the Champions” in your authentic Freddie Mercury costume.

For more info on how you can help fund education in Ethiopia by making a fool of yourself, check out Lipservice

Story by Brian Skahan