Best Ass at the 2014 Vancouver Auto Show

Best Ass at the 2014 Vancouver Auto Show

The floor was full of hundreds of fully accessorized attractive models with sexy lines, and polished bodies. The 2014 Vancouver Auto Show had a lot of talent.

But no matter what type of contest it is, there’s always a winner. And in the category of best ass, there is only one.

What makes a good ass on a car? Is it new, bright and gem-looking lights with state of the art LEDs? Is it impossible lines of sheet metal creased and curving around the rear end? Or is it a symphony of exhaust pipes, large enough to have grapefruits rolling out of them? Whatever your fetish is, there was a booty to satiate your taste.

Dodge Viper at the Vancouver Auto Show

The new Viper has tightened up its derriere, added some carbon fiber and gone under the LED treatment. Its tried, tested and true – but that’s its biggest problem. We’ve already hit that, and some makeup doesn’t change the makeup – if you know what I mean.

Corvette at the Vancouver Auto Show

Also from our earlier comparison, the new Corvette’s booty is a modernized and energized version of the traditional ‘vette look, but it doesn’t want us to go back – once is enough.

Mclaren at the Vancouver Auto Show

Audi at the Vancouver Auto Show

exotic car at Vancouver Auto Show

So what does it? The new McLaren looks too surgically enhanced, the Audi looks a bit top bloated and the GT-R, well, its nickname is Godzilla for a reason…

Jaguar F-Type at the Vancouver Auto Show

So that leaves us with the winner, the Jaguar F-Type. It has a tasteful twin-tip Centre exhaust (a-la Corvette, Boxer and Cooper S), a clean and tight tail light LED setup, strong hips and it hides a roof too – impressive. Maybe its got lots of junk in its trunk, but Jaguar nailed this back end, and so would I.

p.s. the i8 came close…

BMW i8 on display at vancouver auto show


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