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Manly Vancouver Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us.  You’ve saved up a bit of money and got your girl something nice, so what’s wrong with expecting a little something in return?


Maybe you’re bored of getting heart-shaped chocolates and fireball from your misses.  This year you want something unique for V-Day.  Send your girl a link to the Manly Vancouver V-Day Gift Guide, leading her on a local, love-fuelled shopping spree.



Mancakes Bakery Retail Location

Mancakes Bakery Valentine’s Log

A special DIY Valentine’s Log from Mancakes Bakery ensures a bonding experience with a delicious reward.  Take a sneak peak from its creator in this video.  What’s in it? All we know so far is Fireball Whiskey ganache with cinnamon marshmallows melted on top.  Get yours at their new retail location a block from BC place at 288 Robson St and follow @ManCakesBakery on Twitter for their special Valentine’s Day items announcement.




Greff Growler

Greff Growler with 33 Acres Brewing inside.

For only the most stylish of beer consumers, we suggest black with espresso brown leather Downtown Greff Growler carrier.  Greff Growlers uses “felted wool to insulate, water repellent canvas for durability, and top grain veg tan leather for strength and comfort.”  Basically, it’s a designer suit for your glass jug o’ beer.  Once you’ve gotten one, go grab a 33 Acres of Nirvana IPA from 33 Acres Brewing.  The Nirvana, at 8%, is a bit boozier then average, with a bitter-fresh pine with pink and orange citrusness. They say that “One whiff, one taste, and a blissed-out smile is all it takes to begin the journey into 33 acres of Nirvana after-life.”  Please enjoy at your own risk.


33 Acres Brewing


Vancouver Canucks Tickets

Unlike the monster truck tix you gave her for Christmas last year, this is a gift that truly benefits both the giver and receiver. The ‘non-premium’ games are only $70 a ticket in the rowdier, upper bowl.  If your girl forks up for a pair of these, be prepared to have some post-game fireworks planned – win or loose.


Canucks Tickets


A Printed Magazine Subscription. NOT digital.

Maybe the power goes out or he’s read everything on the internet, but at some point a print magazine’s nostalgic qualities are going to be appreciated.  A yearly subscription keeps giving, so find out what he’s into or sign up for our defaults: Esquire, Vice, Rolling Stone or Wired.


Vice Magazine Subscription



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