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Girl of the Month – Kendra Wingerter

Kendra Wingerter pool shot

Briefed’s Girl of the Month this September is Kendra Wingerter. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Kendra moved to Vancouver at age 18 to pursue a university education and a dance career – and she attained both.  Kendra was a professional CFL cheerleader for the BC Lions during the 2013 season, and she holds a BA from Simon Fraser University where she studied both International Studies and Communication.

Now, Kendra is the successful owner of NetWorked Marketing & Communications, a digital marketing company that provides consulting services, and the Manager of PK Promotions, Vancouver’s premier promotional modelling agency.

BRIEFED: What has been your biggest accomplishment in 2015 so far / something you are proud of?

KENDRA: That’s hard, it’s been a great year!  Probably graduating university, not for the degree itself but for all the experiences that my degree represents.  Moving to Vancouver, studying abroad in Paris, joining Delta Alpha Theta, working three Co-op terms, volunteering in South Africa, becoming a finalist for the CEOx1Day competition, starting my own business… it’s been absolutely insane!  All of these opportunities came to me through SFU, so it was a very proud moment to graduate and look back at my time in university with no regrets.  

BRIEFED: Wow! Busy girl! What are your goals/plans for the rest of the year and beyond? 

KENDRA: Right now the sky’s the limit.  New business just keeps coming in.  For about half a year I’ve expected it to slow down, thinking that there’d eventually be a lull, but it hasn’t.  I’m completely ecstatic to be working with tons of new clients for both NetWorked Marketing & Communications and PK Promotions, so I want to keep fuelling that fire and building both companies.

I do respect the need for vacation though!  This spring I spent 6 weeks in Europe and it was the perfect way to reset my creativity… and probably also my cortisol levels.  I would love to go back to Europe and visit all the countries I haven’t seen yet.  Asia is also next on my list of destinations, not exactly sure where but I think Thailand is calling my name.


BRIEFED: Speaking of destinations, what’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant? Favourite area of the city?

KENDRA: Vij’s!  Everything is always incredible there, from the wine to the food to the service. I’m usually too busy for long dinners though, so I’ll go for ice cream instead when I need a treat.  Rain or Shine is my absolute favourite, just thinking about the salted caramel brings a tear to my eye.

BRIEFED: What about during your limited downtime, what’s your favourite thing to do in the city?

KENDRA: Work! I really am a workaholic and this city has so many exciting opportunities, but I do love hitting the beach when I need a break.

BRIEFED: Many Briefed readers come to us with dating questions. What do you think of pick up lines? Good idea or corny?

KENDRA: Terrible. Just be yourself instead of approaching women with a game plan, talk to them like you would talk to any other person.  I mean come on, think about it logically, if you are attracted to someone does it really make sense to treat them like this rare unicorn who will magically give you their phone number in exchange for hearing that their pants must be from outer space because their bod is out of this world?



BRIEFED: Touche. On the note of space pants, what’s the worst pickup line a guy has used on you?

KENDRA: The worst is when guys are so forward to the point where it’s insulting.  Recently I had an Australian guy come up to me in a bar and ask if I wanted “to hook up with a cute Aussie.”  I said sure and asked if he knew any, which wiped the smirk right off his face.  He slumped away while I had a good laugh about it with my girl friends.

BRIEFED: Well played… Is it true what many local women say that Vancouver men are uninteresting and basically suck?

KENDRA: I think that everyone sees it that way no matter where they are… until they find the right person.

BRIEFED: If there’s one piece of advice you’d give a Vancouver guy who’s trying to improve his chances with the ladies, what would it be?

KENDRA: Stop “trying.”  Just relax and do your thing, and soon enough someone will cross paths who’s kinda doing the same thing, and it will work.  Talk to new people for the sake of meeting new people, not solely with the intention of finding a girlfriend.  



BRIEFED: What’s the best thing about living in Vancouver? The worst thing?

KENDRA: The people are amazing, the friends I’ve made here are like family to me, and it doesn’t hurt that we live in such a beautiful city.  I also think it’s incredible that I was able to pursue two very different careers here, marketing and dance, because not many places in Canada offer opportunities in both fields.  The only downside is that my family isn’t here.  I’m very close with them, so the worst thing about living in Vancouver is being away from them.

BRIEFED: Thanks Kendra, this has been great! Anything else you want people to know about you?

KENDRA: I have to give a shoutout to Vank Photography.  Vanessa was the photographer for all of the images on this feature and working with her was an absolute pleasure!

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