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Tekboard to Reinvent Personal Transportation in Vancouver

Hover boards? Are we Back To The Future already? The short answer is yes!


Tekboard: The World's Most Advanced Hoverboard

Tekboard: The World’s Most Advanced Hoverboard


Celebrities have been spotted on them, they’re all throughout new music videos, and now they’re on the streets of Vancouver.

Briefed recently got the chance to try one of these boards and boy are they a lot of fun! The speed,  maneuverability and stability are all very impressive. With the holiday season coming up, they may be under the Christmas tree of quite a few families this year. 

But Buyer Beware! Recently, the importance of safety and quality has come to light.

12186384_1614402332155721_4666166063924564716_oMany knock-off manufacturers have been reverse engineering these boards and selling them with complete disregard for public safety. The result? The market has become flooded by untested and unsafe batteries. In some instances these batteries have actually exploded causing property damage and personal injury!

But a Vancouver based technology company is advocating for safer boarders with the overall goal to innovate the way we see personal transportation. Meet Tekboard, they’re one of the only companies on the market selling an the authentic, patented product complete with Samsung approved batteries- in fact, they’re the only company in Vancouver as far as we know to do so.


These Tekboards are also the only board on the market with a smartphone application that allows you to check your battery levels, speed and a host of other metrics. Their product is also much better in terms of battery life, stability and manufacturer warranty compared to other knock-off boards. If you are looking to get a family member one of these for Christmas, we recommend a product that is internationally recognized as being superior in safety.  

It truly is personal transportation, reinvented. 

Will these be the norm in Vancouver for your daily commute? Its hard to imagine, but these hover boards are here today.

Visit Tekboard.io and follow @Tekbaord.io on Instagram for more information on how to get yours today.


Follow @Tekboard.io on Instagram

Follow @Tekboard.io on Instagram


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