6 Things You Need To Know About The RYU Quick Pack

6 Things You Need To Know About The RYU Quick Pack

The RYU Quick Pack can replace your work duffel, bike bag and motorcycle backpack – and look better than all of them combined.

So, what is the RYU Quick Pack? Briefed lists 6 things that you should know before you buy your next bag.


Technical, Minimalist Design

Since its launch, the RYU Quick Pack has iconized the RYU brand.  This technical backpack has a feature set uses subtle design improvements to alleviate its benefits. The minimalist design hides ergonomic features and quality engineering.  Something that commonly requires years, if not generations – of experience.  And that’s exactly what RYU put into their products – a team of experienced designers with decades of experience and a desire to develop  the best tailored, technical training apparel possible.  Don’t believe us?  There’s awards that do.

Award Winning

Image via RYU.com

Deceivably Spacious

This thing fits a soccer ball perfectly in the bottom. A pair of Rollerblades? Yup. Bicycle helmet? Yup. Boxing gloves? Yup. The neat thing is, once all your gear is in, it closes and looks practically the same shape. As I write this, the bag has my Macbook, phone and charger, iPad, passport, wallet, keys, notebook, stationary, an extra shirt, glasses, a Swell bottle, cologne, chapstick, gum, headphones and a leatherman. Even loaded with all these items, there’s enough space to go shopping for a volleyball – with more for leftovers.


It weighs next to nothing

16 ounces – that’s it.  Nothing is wasted in the design of the Quick Pack – from the tapered straps, unexposed pockets and rubberized zip-ends.  There’s no bulk on the bag, and none inside of it.  Even the main internal pocket designed to use the shape of the bag as storage space.  It’s made from 100% OutLayr™ cotton, the polyurethane canvas coating creates a durable and water resistant surface.  The bag is built with ultra-strong Nylon 66 fibers and light weight durable 30D fabricee.   You can also ‘lux’grade to the RYU Quick Pack Lux with water resistant Australian loomed 8oz canvas and leather straps.


Run or Ride

Let’s be honest, no one wants to move fast with a backpack on.  Running makes you feel like a thief, and on bikes, they slow you down.  You’ll hardly know it’s there when strapped down tightly and RYU’s bag is practically aerodynamic in its design. Unlike expensive aero-bags designed for cycling, consider the wind-tunnel nature of the Quick Pack a “design perk.”  Not a runner? Remove the elastic sternum strap and use the loops for a carabiner.


Image via RYU.com

It Comes in Two Sizes

For the Quick Pack, you get a minimalist bag with enough space to get you around for the day.  With the RYU Locker Pack, you get a slightly larger bag with an exterior laptop sleeve for easy access.  If you’re a student lugging around textbooks all day – I’d opt for the larger bag.  Either of these a better options than a Herschel. Trust.  If backpacks aren’t your thing, RYU also has a Daily Duffel bag and stuff packs – in small and large.



Due to some l33t procrastination skills, I can now speak highly to the durability of the Quick Pack. 3 months of nearly every day use has shown no signs of wear, and only one tie on the end of a zipper has fallen off.  The molded internal shell that gives the bag its shape has not deflated and I’m confident that it’ll stay that way.  It’s stayed on during windy high-speed motorcycle rides, won’t scuff when fully packed and tossed on the floor and for some reason, it never smells bad – no matter how much it rained at soccer the night before…  Long story short, it’s worth every penny.
As RYU put it, “WE DESIGNED A BAG THAT CARRIES ENOUGH FOR YOUR DAY.”  We at Briefed agree.  Grab yours online today or at one of 3 Vancouver locations, including the RYU Flagship Store on 4th avenue in Kitsilano.

tl;dr = The RYU Quick Pack is the best technical urban backpack for your money.

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