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Editorial + Privacy Policy

Briefed Editorial and Privacy FAQ

Are you writing about companies because they paid you?

We appreciate the privilege of being invited into the private house party that is your inbox and we will be excellent guests. This means if we write about something it’s because we think you should know about it, not because someone paid us. We do not sell our recommendations, ever.

But how will you eat?

It’s true; we need money for beer and poutine. So, besides the advertising that is present on our website, you may occasionally receive an email that is has a clearly marked section labelled Partnered. These sections of our emails are paid for by sponsors and do not reflect the views of our editorial staff.

Are you sure you won’t sell me a good review, I will give you beer and poutine?


If I register for your newsletter, should I expect to get spammed from other companies you have sold my email to?

Briefed will never rent, share or sell our subscriber list.