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Calabash Bistro: Caribbean Drinks, Eats and Beats

January 16, 2012
Image Credit: Calabash Bistro

Image Credit: Calabash Bistro The Caribbean. Sunny, friendly, sexy, and let’s face it, too damn far away for your cheap ass. The corner of Abbott and East Hastings, however, well that’s just [...]

Oyster Seafood and Raw Bar: Raw and Unshucked

January 11, 2012

When it comes to impressing a date, there’s no better way than taking her to that secret little hole in the wall she’s never seen before, but unfortunately the last [...]

Holiday Gift Guide Part Deux: Last Minute Edition

December 21, 2011

Five days till Christmas and you still haven’t sent your family your wish list.  Who can blame you; between boozy holiday parties, prime sports season, and that girl you met [...]

Phnom Penh: A Hole In The Wall That Dishes More Than Glory

December 19, 2011
Phnom Penh

Last time you experienced something authentically Cambodian it involved a rocket launcher and a cow; but you backed out last minute out of fear that surely one day the mighty [...]

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar: Sake to Me

December 14, 2011
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You were really into all things Japanese until they failed to produce a working robot in time to clean your college dorm, thereby destroying any credibility they had left after [...]

Save-On-Meats: Cheap Eats and Meats

December 12, 2011

This is a city with few truly iconic eat and drink spots, save for the place gay men scream at you while you’re trying to eat your eggs, and that [...]

The Pourhouse: A Drinkery Gramps Would Approve Of

December 9, 2011
Image Soure: Pourhouse Vancouver

Sometimes you just want a good drink. And sometimes you want that drink to come with a prune wrapped in bacon. Either way, you need to go to Pourhouse. Walking [...]

Dunn’s Famous BC: Dine Like the Rocket

December 7, 2011
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Few people know that Maurice Richard’s diet consisted almost entirely of smoked meat sandwiches and poutine, and that his wife gave him his famous nickname in reference to him blasting [...]

Pizzeria Farina: Forgiveness is Divine. And So is This Pizza.

December 2, 2011
Pizzeria Farina

It’s been a long week of fighting the Foot, that Casey Jones guy is always hovering around, and you still live in a sewer with a giant rat. Even a [...]

Edible Canada: Eat Your Way Across the Country

November 28, 2011
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The question of what Canada tastes like has intrigued you for years, becoming the subject of your beer fueled, post-university, cross-Canada road trip. Yes, Alberta was beefy, Montreal was exotic, [...]