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Tekboard to Reinvent Personal Transportation in Vancouver

December 3, 2015

Hover boards? Are we Back To The Future already? The short answer is yes!     Celebrities have been spotted on them, they’re all throughout new music videos, and now they’re on [...]

Greenest Racing Series in North America to Debut in Vancouver

October 18, 2015

  The discontinuation of Indy in 2004 has left Vancouver motorsport fans in wanting for over a decade. With the introduction of the G-zero Championship Racing Series, the natural progression [...]

4 Questions with FEAT Speakers Frank Wolf & Peter Marshall

February 24, 2015
FEAT 2015

One part epic adventure story time, one part TED-Talk.

Sex With Siri: Talking to Vancouverites

March 21, 2013

This week Siri hits the streets of Vancouver and talks to one young UBC student about her dating exploits. Note to the gents: if you shave your ass, keep it to yourself.