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Sex With Siri: How (And How Not) To Approach a Lady

March 7, 2013
How (and how not) to approach a girl

This week our sex(y) columnist Siri, breaks down the essentials on how guys can successfully approach women.

Girl of the Month – Amanda McIntyre

March 7, 2013

Girl of the Month is where we interview hot local women and post pictures of them for you to gawk over. Don’t get too angry with us.

The Truth About Anal – From a Lady Perspective

February 19, 2013
the truth about anal - from a lady's perspective

This week, Siri breaks down the negative stereotypes that typically surround anal play (yes, you read that right).

Sex With Siri: Don’t Mess Up Valentine’s Day (or any other special night)

February 7, 2013
Valentines Day copy

This week, Siri explains how you can avoid messing up Valentine’s Day. Hint: don’t take her to McDonalds.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him and Her

February 7, 2013
Valentine's Gift Ideas for her

Choosing a great Valentine’s gift just requires the ability to read this guide, and of course, the capacity to love. Although, really, you just need this guide.

Valentine’s Getaway Giveaway

February 4, 2013

Enter to win a 1 night stay at Coast Blackcomb Suites and 2 free passes to Scandinave Spa.

Sex With Siri: The Best Dinner Date Spots in Vancouver

January 31, 2013
Wine and Dine

This week, Siri gives you some tips on great places for a dinner date in Vancouver. Hint: if you’re dining next to a mechanical bull, you’re in the wrong spot.

Sex With Siri: How To Go Down On A Girl

January 24, 2013

Introducing “Sex with Siri”, our new column where Siri Williams, our sassy, red-headed advisor, answers your questions on sex and dating in Vancouver. This week it’s all about working them lady parts.

Scandinave Spa: Your Relationship Saver

January 20, 2013

Scandinave. A luxurious Scandinavian Spa in Whistler that’s just perfect for making up for however you’ve pissed off your girlfriend.

Vancouver Date Ideas Even You Can’t Screw Up

August 1, 2012

Yes, you’re ready to date again.  Sure, after what you experienced it’s hard to get back out there, but you did learn an important lesson – relationship movies starring Michelle [...]