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Hi-Tec Para Boot: Rubber Protection Even a Canuck Would Trust

November 16, 2012

The most versatile and durable hiking boot to hit the scene.

Top 5 Reasons to Make the Vancouver Giants Your New Team

September 25, 2012

Image credit: Sean Hagen You miss those adorable twins. You miss that Italian and his greasy black locks. You miss the prankster with the sly grin. Yes, it’s been a [...]

12 Hottest Women of the 2012 Olympic Games

July 26, 2012
Leryn Franco Javelin Throw

With the London Olympics 2012 upon us, we thought we’d give insight into what you were really wondering: who are the sexiest, hottest women competing in this year’s Olympic Games. [...]

The 10 Must (Not) Watch Events of the 2012 Olympic Games

July 24, 2012

With the London Olympics finally here, we felt you needed a breakdown of the not-to-miss events. We’re not talking about the star-studded spectaculars like Usain Bolt’s 100m or Michael Phelp’s [...]

Tough Mudder After Party

June 14, 2012
Briefed Tough Mudder After Party

More pictures of the Briefed Tough Mudder After Party Say it with us…. I’m going to do Tough Mudder. Say it again…. I’m going to do Tough Mudder. Ok, we’re [...]

The Best Tough Mudder Videos

May 23, 2012
Tough Mudder Vancouver

The baddest event on the planet hits Whistler on June 23rd and if you haven’t registered for Tough Mudder you obviously don’t know what you’re missing – and if you [...]

An Interview with Tough Mudder’s Andy ‘Mustache Man’ Thom

May 1, 2012
Tough Mudder's Mustache Man Andy Thom

In preparation for the epic Tough Mudder Whistler Race, Briefed caught up with Tough Mudder badass Andy ‘Mustache Man’ Thom, famous for his Tough Mudder training video which has over [...]

Vancouver Gun Range: It’s Time You Learned

April 30, 2012

You don’t get to bust CAPS very often. And when you do it’s usually in response to some shitty movie. I mean, COME ON MEL, do you think we’re TOTAL [...]

Flight Adventures: Be a Commercial Pilot for a Day

March 5, 2012

You’ve been into simulation activities since grade eleven when you and the new girl from the States tried dry humping in your parents’ ‘97 Plymouth Voyager.  For a simulating activity where [...]

2012 Vancouver Motorcycle Show: Custom Bikes. Stunt Shows. And booze.

January 13, 2012
Vancouver Motorcycle Show

The central debate for historians reviewing the past century will almost certainly be: was Uncle Jessie actually a cool guy? Yeah, he rode a motorcycle, but he was also way [...]