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Interview with a Mayan: End of the World Style

December 19, 2012

With only days left before the end of days, we decided to sit down with a Mayan shaman from 1700 BC who could help shed some light on what we [...]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: For Her

December 13, 2012

Since no man but Mel Gibson has a clue what women want, and even he doesn’t have much luck with his daughter, we got Alison of Alison*Elle to help select gifts your lady friend will be uber-grateful for.

Holiday Gift Guide Vancouver 2012 – Part 1

December 6, 2012

Giving. Almost as good as receiving, especially if you’re a hot shot executive and she’s a virgin college senior with an interest in bondage. For everyone in your life you [...]

DMX Does Rudolph: Best Christmas Carol of the Month (VIDEO)

December 4, 2012

Kicking off the holiday season DMX style, the Ruff Ryders rapper gives his rendition of Rudolph.

PAL-V: Flying Cars Now Exist

November 18, 2012

PAL-V is a sports car meets personal gyrocopter and will be in commercial production in 2014. Check out the amazing video here.

Dudepins – Pinterest for Guys

October 31, 2012

Remember when you joined Pinterest, got terrified by all the cuteness then deleted your account? Us neither, cause you never joined Pinterest. But if you were to join, you’d probably [...]

Impossible Instant Lab: Polaroids of Your iPhone Photos

September 13, 2012
Impossible Instant Lab Polaroid Photos iPhone

Ahhh the good old days, when you worked that Polaroid camera like an Annie Leibovitz protégé, snapping seductive shots of your hot lady friend draped over the coffee table, with [...]

Vayable: Insider Travel Experiences

August 31, 2012

Image Credit: on Flickr Most travel experiences involve venturing deep into unknown territory in search of the always elusive Johnny Porcelain so you can dispense of that explosive diarrhea, which [...]

Uber Private Car Service

August 10, 2012
Uber Private Car App

You watched that movie Drive and you thought, that Ryan Gosling is one cool cat, maybe I should buy a really sleek car and drive around town listening to melancholy [...]

Mantry: The Man Pantry

June 29, 2012
Mantry: The Man's Pantry

We need to have a chat about your pantry. It’s pretty barren and the only noteworthy item is that four month old peach that’s fuzzing up like Alf. To combat [...]