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TikTok: Time-Sensitive Free Offers

June 2, 2012
Tik Tok App

As you realize every Sunday morning, drinking has a way of falsely inflating one’s perception of their bank account. Yes, one minute you’re on the beach downing cans of Cariboo [...]

Snapchat: Self-Destructing Sexts

June 2, 2012

You’ve been working out a lot and there’s nothing you’d like more than to send a racy pic to your hot lady friend.  But what happens when you, inevitably, piss [...]

Videos of the Week

June 1, 2012

Like Game of Thrones, only a bit more American  Kate Upton has nothing in the Dougie department on this little guy This hamster deserves an Oscar for this death scene

Serene Audio: You’ll Want to See This Wood

May 21, 2012
Serene Audio - Talisman Speakers

Your mobile communication device: A beautiful masterpiece inspired from the mind of a late genius who used the principles of calligraphy to inform each curve, button and letter creating an [...]

Ugly Meter Pro: The Anecdote to Beer Goggles

May 1, 2012
Ugly Meter Pro

They’ve discovered the anecdote to beer goggles.  To use, simply ask the minx you’ve been courting from beers eight through twelve for a quick pic of her face using your [...]

My Comedy Book: The Web Just Got Funnier

April 19, 2012

Local stand-up can be a great alternative to a seventh consecutive day of kidney poisoning; unfortunately, more often than not you end up squirming uncomfortably as a sweaty hack stammers [...]

Flight Adventures: Be a Commercial Pilot for a Day

March 5, 2012

You’ve been into simulation activities since grade eleven when you and the new girl from the States tried dry humping in your parents’ ‘97 Plymouth Voyager.  For a simulating activity where [...]

If This Then That: Automate Your Life

February 29, 2012

Even if you’re called the Warlock and your typical day involves hacking government servers from your mom’s basement with The Mac Guy, you could still benefit from some spare time [...]

Transcend Coffee: A Solution to Your Expensive Coffee Addiction

February 22, 2012
Image Credit: Transcend Coffee

Getting something new in the mail can be intensely satisfying, which is why you still receive a box of cassette tapes every four weeks from Colombia House despite the fact [...]

Tech Reel: The Coolest Gadgets You Need To Know About

February 17, 2012

Tokeable Dishware Website Drink your morning brew out of these ceramic mugs and bowls that double as smoking devices, all handmade by a University of Oregon grad who has studied [...]