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WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner.Com: The Answer To Life’s Everyday Question

January 18, 2012

Life is full of difficult decisions. Like, whether to buy Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style featuring Snoop Dogg or Girls Gone Wild: Mardi Gras Edition featuring lots of beads…ahhh, too [...]

Holiday Gift Guide Part Deux: Last Minute Edition

December 21, 2011

Five days till Christmas and you still haven’t sent your family your wish list.  Who can blame you; between boozy holiday parties, prime sports season, and that girl you met [...]

Briefed Holiday Gift Guide

December 8, 2011

Since your family’s idea of what you wanted was a package of tube socks, a back waxing, and a knitted sweater with your dad’s face on it, we’ve put together [...]

Drink Your Music Library And Smelly Robots

November 23, 2011

Drinkify Recommending Mixes to Match Your Tunes Because choosing your drink according to your food is just too damn yuppie, now you can select your bev based on the type [...]

Brutal Knitting: Creepy Wool Masks Approved By Grandma

October 28, 2011

The last time you wore something knitted it was that Christmas sweater made by your grandma. You remember it well — the shepherds, the manger, the Three Wise Men who [...]

Licious Living: Fast Food That Makes You Fit (Into Your Pants)

October 26, 2011
Image Courtesy of Licious Living

As most men know, when it comes to cooking, the less you have to do the better. The Frozen Dinner mafia has known this for years and taken advantage of [...]

Nostalgic Links

October 14, 2011
HotRod Cufflinks

There aren’t a lot of ways to express yourself in modern office garb. And when you do come up with something creative, it usually backfires. Like the time your colleagues [...]

Ordering, Eating, Food Coma-ing, All From Your Couch

October 12, 2011

It wasn’t long ago that delivery meant choosing between oil slick Dominos and MSG marinated Mr. Han’s Chinese; a time when the only thing that could improve your Pizza and TGIF [...]

Get Hassled

September 6, 2011

There was a time when men were inspired to action by duty, responsibility and patriotism. And then weed and video games came along and instead we became motivated by snacks [...]