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Tekboard to Reinvent Personal Transportation in Vancouver

December 3, 2015

Hover boards? Are we Back To The Future already? The short answer is yes!     Celebrities have been spotted on them, they’re all throughout new music videos, and now they’re on [...]

Vancouver Fashion Week: A Model Interview

March 13, 2013
Vancouver Fashion Week models looking hot

We sit down with four models from Vancouver Fashion Week and get their take on dieting habits, Roberto Luongo’s modeling chops, and the last time they shotgunned a beer.

Gravity Pope: Pope Yourself Out With These Digs

May 21, 2012

Your feet have been through a lot lately. The rain. The slush. “The Whistler hot tub incident.” So you’ve got two things to do. First, call the resort and apologize. [...]

Nostalgic Links

October 14, 2011
HotRod Cufflinks

There aren’t a lot of ways to express yourself in modern office garb. And when you do come up with something creative, it usually backfires. Like the time your colleagues [...]

Good Wood for Your Wrist

October 3, 2011

Most people assume their wristwatch comes from the workshop of some Geneva-based Gippeto, when in reality it’s made by a Little Bobby Bangladesh who got his job thanks to his [...]